White Vase next to green plant
White Vase with wooden flowers
Dried Flowers inside White Vase
White Vase with Curly Leaves
Plain White Vase Display
Modern White Vase and centerpiece

Contemporary 3D Printed White Vase for House Decor & Gifts

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This geometric thick-walled vase adds a crafty touch to any scene it's placed in. Like most vases in this shop, there is a spiral pattern that follows the profile of the vase to the top. On this vase, however, this spiral pattern cuts through in a way to leave a smooth pattern embossed in the vase. This vase can hold water, and goes well with all sorts of flowers, plants, and decorations!

Looking for a small, cute vase that would fit perfectly on your desk? Perfect! Choose the 5.5-inch version. How about a tall and abstract vase? Choose the 7.5-inch option when you add this item to your cart.

Features of this vase:

-> Can hold water for flowers and plants

-> 3D Printing allows for unheard of designs like this one

-> Eco-Friendly plastics are used to 3D Print this vase -

> 3D Printed design is extremely durable.

This vase is printed in 100% PLA plastic, a plastic that is 100% biodegradable and is based on starches from plants like corn. Please contact me if you have any questions!