geometric vase with gold and silver versions
geometric vase in silver
silver geometric vase with flowers

Low-Poly Geometric Vase - Thin/Walled

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The sharp angles and geometric faces of this vase are sure to bring wonders to your home or whomever you gift this to! This vase comes in 3 colors, Silk Gold, and White. With the Silk Gold and Silver, the sharp angles and geometric faces of this vase reflect light in astonishing ways only accomplished on a 3D Printed vase, truly making for a unique piece to add to your home decor set. Looking for a cool and unique gift for a friend or family member? Order the white version of this vase for a great contemporary gift. This vase is also watertight, unlike some other vases off of our 3D Printers.

Features of this vase:

--> Thin/walled vase design makes for lightweight vase

--> Extremely durable and shock-proof

--> Unique polygon design unlike many other vases

--> Printed in biodegradable material

--> Holds water like a solid vase

This vase is created and 3D Printed out of 100% PLA Plastic, a biodegradable plastic based on corn starch. In fact, when this filament runs through the hot nozzle on a 3D Printer, it smells sweet like corn!