Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some variations cost so much?

3D Printing takes a long time. Some of our vases take upwards of 1 day(24 hours) of constant machine time to print!


How long does it take to get my vase/centerpiece?

This depends on a few factors: 

-Our current sales traffic

-Post-processing of the product, like sealing the inside of the vase

-Print time, which can rage from one hour to 30+ hours.

However, you can always expect to receive your product latest in one week, but usually in 4-5 days.


Can your vases hold water?

Yes! At the moment, only one vase cannot hold water. Please check the product descriptions which specify if the vase you are interested can hold water.


Do you really plant trees when I order a vase?

Yes! With any vase or centerpiece that's purchased, one tree will be planted in the world! To find out more, click here.