A message from the founder:

"Born in 2003 in Los Angeles, I grew up in a family of engineers. Some of my earliest memories are of me tinkering with various bits of electronic devices. Many years later, just after my seventh-grade year ended, I invested in a 3D Printer as a fun hobby with some of my savings money. And gosh was I happy when it arrived in the mail! I assembled it, tested it, and it worked... kind of. The more and more I tinkered with my new machine, the more things I realized I had to calibrate and configure and learn about. Two years later, here I am now. 16 years old with two years experience in 3D printing, self-taught. And don't forget to mention a flawlessly working 3D Printer.


Before I opened this shop, I decided to focus on a couple of key aspects of 3D Printing that made a model beautiful. I chose to go above and beyond most 3D Printed models, and in this shop, I put a huge emphasis on the quality and beauty of my prints.


I opened this business because I wanted to do something more with my 3D Printing skills. One way for me to do that was to use my skills of 3D Printing to bring quality exotic designs and objects into people's houses that they had never seen before. Because of my two years of experience with 3D Printing, I know what 3D Printers are capable of, and what amazing and stunning objects they can create. At 3DVaseShop, I bring my knowledge and love for 3D Printing together with a desire to use my skills to bring the beauty of 3D Printing to your home. I look forward to bringing you and many others quality exotic and abstract vases directly to your home!"