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white water-droplet flower vase with flowers
white water-droplet flower vase with no flowers
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Water-Droplet Lateral Pattern Vase

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A smooth raindrop-style vase with an engraved criss-cross texture. This vase can hold water, and also goes extremely well with wooden roses and flowers. Without roses or flowers, this vase also complements a white-modern taste extremely well, and will be sure to impress any visitor in your home!

There are endless possibilities of how this vase can be used. This vase brings a modern touch to wherever it is placed: Maybe as a centerpiece for the kitchen table, or on a windowsill in the living room. You can also add certain dry flowers to really spice up your home styling.

Features of this vase:

-> Criss-cross texture is geometric but surprisingly smooth at the same time

-> 3D Printed with PLA Plastic

-> Durable and strong

-> Holds water for flowers or plants

All vases in this shop are printed in PLA plastic, a 100% biodegradable plastic based on starches from plants like corn. Please contact me if you have any questions!