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Modern Home Interior Cellular Centerpiece for Table/Desk

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This cellular centerpiece is one that draws eyes! This model was generated with software that creates structures using cellular-based shapes. As you observe this model, you'll quickly realize how this whole model is composed of these organic shapes.


This model, along with being one-of-a-kind, has several unique uses! Two of our favorites include: 

     - Lamp Shade: Place the centerpiece on your nightstand or other desired surface and insert an LED lamp into the bottom. Turn on the LED base, and Voila!

      - Simple flower holder: Place any dry flowers or decorations inside the center of the piece.

This centerpiece comes in two size variations: 5 inches and 6.5 inches, as well as 3 colors: silk gold, silk silver, and white. 

Like all vases and centerpieces in this shop, this centerpiece is printed from biodegradable plastic called PLA, Polylactic Acid. It is based on starches and syrups from plants like corn and sugar cane, and when a vase is being printed, the printer itself surprisingly smells like such!